STAFF   Here to help and serve you however we can

  • steve voelker     Lead Pastor

    I've been serving at Trinity for five years after pastoring the previous 10 in Western Michigan. After graduating from Indiana University and Concordia Theological Seminary, my wife Linda (see below!) and I have been blessed to raise three adult children who've given us six grandchildren. Now that we're empty nesters, Linda and I have a little more time to play tennis, though our first love is serving our Trinity family and sharing God's amazing message of salvation with the community.


  • erica taylor     preschool director and teacher

    I love children. But before I graduated from WGU Indiana in 2013 and went from a substitute teacher to director of our preschool, my journey has been a unique one. After an extensive career in EMS as a paramedic, firefighter, rescue instructor, and K-9 dog handler, my life called me to become a teacher, like my parents. Having been blessed with 3 children and 9 grandchildren, I’m both personally invested and passionate about seeing children grow from the inside out. When I’m not teaching and training children, I play a little clarinet, church bells, piano, love to sing,  doing crafts of all sorts, and working on new materials to stimulate children to learn.


  • tamra schaaf     music director

    Tammy has been the organist at Trinity for twelve years and also leads the adult choir and handbell group. She received a bachelors degree in music education from Ball State University. She has one daughter and one son and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren in Fort Wayne.


  • kris DAVIS     secretary

    My favorite book in the Bible is 1Corinthians, and expecially chapter 134 and verse 4 where it describes love as being patient and kind. And certainly God has been patient and kind with me. From my upbringing in southern Indiana to attending Vincennes University (for journalism) to attending Master's of Cosmetology (to become a hairdresser). I can see God's hand working since His leading me to Fort Wayne in 1991. I'm honored to be the mother of two great kids -Katie and Nick- and blessed to serve Trinity as secretary. When I'm not in the office, you can find me on the tennis court, writing in my journal, and going around town working on my photography skills.


  • linda voelker     office manager

    Going from managing a medical office to managing our church office, there are striking similarities. Organization and accountability are important, but of utmost importance is the care of people. I help our staff, and in particular our pastor (my husband) meet the needs of our attendees and members. And when I'm not at the church, I'm either listening to good music, journaling in my Bible, or working out at the gym with Steve.


  • carla davis     business director

    After 33 years as the Business Office Director for Concordia Lutheran High School, I finally decided to retire to spend more with with my church family and my husband, Doug. We have two children and one grandson who lives in Virginia. Fairly regularly I answer the calls made by the beaches on the gulf coast of Florida, but I always come back to my Lutheran friends and family here in Fort Wayne. And because I don't want to retire retire, I enjoy doing the same things for Trinity as I did for Concordia those many years.


  • marilyn reidenbach     thrift store manager

    I have been taking good care of our thrift store for years. I love serving customers when our doors are open, and enjoy managing a dedicated group of volunteers behind the scenes when the store is closed.

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